Embracing Change with Sustainable Technologies

Embracing Change with Sustainable Technologies

Embracing Change with Sustainable TechnologiesIn these rapidly changing times, it is more important now that we embrace “green” technology. There are many opportunities to help make a difference to change the world for the better. We can take action together to help change the world by becoming involved with social action.

The broadcast of 24 Reasons for Hope will not only showcase the progress the climate movement is making worldwide, but also build on this success to kick start 12 months of concerted action to end the climate crisis. It all starts when you pledge to dedicate a day to climate action.

Vice President Gore is looking forward to sharing — live over the course of 24 hours — 24 reasons he’s hopeful and optimistic for our future. And he’s hoping you’ll be a part of helping create a sustainable future with us.


He’s optimistic because solutions exist. People are getting on board with them, and we’re already seeing the benefits. Leaders and governments are acting on these solutions, but we need your help to show audiences across continents what they can do to help drive policy, empower innovation, and create a sustainable future for all of us. Take the pledge today, and start taking action on the climate crisis.

Because the truth is this: our future is bright. Every day, our ability to convert sunshine into usable energy is becoming more advanced and accessible. The cost for clean energy technologies is plummeting. The electric car market is booming. Financial institutions are realizing dirty energy is a bad investment.

So one thing is abundantly clear; this is our time to act. Boldly and bravely. Start by pledging a day to make a difference, today: http://www.24hoursofreality.org/event/teaser/pledge

Our changing climate and the solutions to this problem is just one of the many reasons we all need to be the change we want to see. Implementing aspects of permaculture into our communities can have an incredible impact. Designing, planning and building sustainable communities will help build a lasting legacy.



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