Environmentally Conscious Project Sightings:
Rammed EarthWorks David Easton, Napa, California

Rammed EarthWorks David EastonDESCRIPTION:

Easton’s PISÉ (Pneumatically Impacted Stabilized Earth) is a revolutionary breakthrough in monolithic earth wall construction. Utilizing one-sided formwork and high pressure air delivery, trained crews, Rammed EarthWorks, can complete up to 1200 square feet of 18″ thick wall per day.

PISÉ walls are currently being installed in several Northern California counties. Easton continues his research and development into quick-lock forming systems, versatile mix designs, soil amendments, and improved delivery equipment. The intention of the company is to soon make the PISÉ system available to a wider market, but because the process is much more complex than traditional rammed earth, requires sophisticated equipment, and meticulous control over mix designs, the technology is intentionally being introduced slowly. Only after a thorough training program can a subcontractor be considered qualified to shoot PISÉ walls.

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