Comet Studios Design Process & How It Works


The Design ProcessThe Project Programming Phase

Our Design Process begins with a Project Programming Phase that includes project analysis, discussions and ideas recorded in a “Workbook” provided by Comet Studios. Once completed, this Workbook and related Project Budget provide a Project Program that becomes the basis for project planning and design.

The Design ProcessThe Preliminary Design Phase

In the Preliminary Design Phase, Comet Studios will synthesize ideas and create schematic design options responsive to the information provided by our clients, including Workbook data, topographical maps, county code requirements, any local community covenants and site climate/geology/soil information. This initial design effort will provide everyone involved with the project a first opportunity to really discuss the project planning and architectural possibilities in tangible ways.

The initial design is presented to clients as plans, sections, and renderings generated from a three dimensional computer model of buildings and the site. After our clients have had a chance to consider the initial design proposal, we will probably have several meetings to discuss their response and resulting design options. Desired changes are incorporated easily into the computer generated project model. This “dialogue” and the preliminary design process will continue until a desirable design solution is developed. Working through design solutions is very complicated and all encompassing.

A house is much more than just floor plans with finishes. During the Design Process we will share computer aided designs in 3D, a QuickTime Virtual Reality Walk-through and/or other visual aids to help our clients “see” and experience the design in three dimensions inside & out.  

comet1aDesign Development Phase

Once we have all agreed to a Preliminary Design that seems to resolve most of our clients’ needs, wants, and dreams, we enter the Design Development Phase where Comet Studios hones and develops the design with more details that include practical and aesthetic issues. At this stage we will recommend sharing the plans with competent local contractors to fledge out realistic contractor candidates and to obtain a realistic initial estimate of construction costs. This initial construction estimate will help to determine what changes, if any, are required to maintain a realistic project budget. During the Design Development Phase we will have many meetings with our clients to make sure our clients are integrally involved with design changes that are part of every project’s evolution. Once we all agree to the final design solution, the next phase begins.

The Design ProcessConstruction Document Phase

During this Phase, Working Drawings and Details necessary for the construction of the Project are developed, including structural & mechanical engineering, septic system design (if required), etc. These final Construction Documents and Specifications are submitted to contractors to make formal bids, to the building department for plan check & issuance of the building permit, and to the lender for loan processing. The Construction Document Phase will provide many opportunities for our clients to continue adding personal refinements to the project.

When the Construction Documents are completed, Comet Studios can assist our clients for the final bidding and negotiations with contractor candidates, if our clients request it. With our expertise we can help determine if the competing builders are adequately bidding the project in accordance with the construction documents.

The Design ProcessConstruction Phase

During the construction phase, if our clients have elected to include our construction administration services, Comet Studios will oversee the construction by making site visits, writing field reports, approving substitutions, processing the contractor’s payment requests, etc. If changes to the design or construction are necessary, we can assist in evaluating, recommending and implementing their acceptance or modification. Given our intimate familiarity with the project, Comet Studios and our affiliates can also efficiently provide a variety of post construction services for remodels and project management. In our experience, Comet Studios’ continued involvement during the construction phase substantially increases the likelihood of a smooth successful project.

Building a home can be a wonderful adventure!!! The key to success is good communication and productive teamwork provided by everyone involved. We love what we do. We enjoy providing exceptional service to our Clients. And we strive to help our Clients to enjoy this incredible adventure now and for years to come.

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