Balancing Architecture with the Environment

Balancing Architecture with the Environment

At Comet Studios, we believe in creating Architecture in balance with nature, as a form of Fine Art where it thoughtfully embraces its site physically, ecologically and culturally with compelling sculptural content, form and materials. Modeled, chiseled and honed by our design team’s digital sculptors, many Comet Studios projects represent explorations in content and form more typically found in the studios of fine Artists and Sculptors. In addition to the 3 dimensions and qualities offered by other forms of fine art, architecture offers a 4th dimension of livability we experience as we move around and through buildings, gardens and the surrounding environment. This “stage set” quality of ever changing human drama embodied with dreams and experiences is perhaps the most unique and special quality that architecture has to offer as an art form.

Globally, we believe humanity is evolving toward the indigenous Native belief and understanding that “nature is not inanimate, but imbued with one common life-force.” The living water, earth, air, mountains, trees, plants animals, man, etc. are all bound together, in an indivisible unity of biological and spiritual ecology. Acknowledging a need to consciously support and nurture the delicate balance of global biological, energetic and spiritual ecology, Comet Studios only embraces project opportunities that are environmentally conscious, energy efficient, and cost effective regardless of project size and scope. All of our projects encourage and embrace principles of Permaculture Science, enhanced biodiversity and regenerative sustainability in a manner that helps build regeneratively-sustainable Eco-Communities, global health and well-being.

Considering ourselves “Dream Makers”, we strive to help our clients manifest their dreams and lifestyle goals into regeneratively-sustainable solutions. We believe that “the Dreams which accompany all human actions should be nurtured by the places in which people live and work”. To promote this possibility, we encourage our clients to develop and share their dreams and lifestyle goals with us as part of the process of programming every project. With this information, Comet Studios endeavors to develop our clients’ programs into Permaculture-based environmentally conscious Architectural solutions as exciting “stage sets” for our clients’ lives and lifestyles.

Comet Studios offers a full professional spectrum of Environmentally Conscious Planning, Design and Development with Permaculture Science based services and solutions for Residential, Commercial, Municipal and Real Estate Development projects. Our dynamic interdisciplinary Project Teams specialize in providing innovative regeneratively-sustainable solutions that meet and fulfill our Clients’ needs, dreams, timeline & budget. For more information about Comet Studios, please contact us.          

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