Environmentally Conscious Project Sightings:
Ecoville, Brazil


Located along the Castello Branco highway approximately 50km North of Sao Paulo in the picturesque mountains of Brazil, Tevere Ecoville is a unique environmentally conscious New Town currently being master planned by the Faux Group Inc. and developed by Tevere Empreendimentos E. Construcoes S/A. – Ecoville, Brazil

Within the jurisdiction of Aracariguama City , Ecoville’s spectacular hilly site offers dramatic mountain and forest views (see map that follows). Approximately half of Ecoville’s site will be preserved as an extensive park system of open space that winds around and through the development parcels creating a frame of natural open space for each. In an effort to preserve the natural beauty and character of the site, grading and clearing will be minimized and development will be clustered.



Tevere Ecoville will be a small but complete, integrated and self contained new town composed of distinct neighborhoods and villages, adjacent to yet independent from Sao Paulo. It will be a place where people can live, work, shop, socialize and relax within their own community, as well as a place from which they may conveniently travel to jobs and shopping in the city or other nearby locales.

Each neighborhood will be off the main road and visibly separated from the rest of Ecoville by green spaces. Each will have different types and densities of homes. And each will have some special element as a social and physical focus.

Inspired by the best Italian hill towns, Ecoville will be a unique and delightful place to live and work. A unique Environmentally conscious community, Ecoville will also offer a wide range of outdoor recreational activities to the entire Sao Paulo region.

Ecoville, Brazil


The principal goal of the Faux Groups Ecoville Master Plan is to create a self contained new town that offers an unmatched quality of life; an excellent place to do business; and an exciting place to visit.

It has also been planned as an environmentally conscious model for future development in the region. As its name implies, Ecoville will be designed, constructed and operated to be in harmony with its natural environment.

Environmentally Sensitive:

  • Development will include energy efficient buildings that incorporate durable and renewable building materials along with technologies that conserve resources and minimize waste.
  • Grading and the altering of natural contours will be minimized, and natural waterways & drainage will be protected.
  • A continuous system of natural open space will run through the entire community, which preserves both the visual character of the site and the continuity of the wildlife habitats.
  • An on-site environmental center and demonstration gardens will utilize the site itself as a real world laboratory for research and education. Its programs will coordinate with the curricula in the community schools.
  • The proximity of the university and the business parks will encourage joint public-private research and development ventures in new environmental technology
  • The mixed-use development program will draw many residents who both live and work on site, thus reducing job-related auto use. Also, a complete range of retail and recreational facilities to meet the day-to-day needs of residents will be provided on site, minimizing the household-related auto trips.
  • Ecoville will incorporate the most advanced ecological development standards available. This approach will assist in attracting businesses that desire an ecologically sensitive image and businesses that wish to conduct ecological research. Ecological study will also likely become an integral part of the special educational offerings at Ecoville’s primary schools, secondary schools and university.



  • Single Family Development: approx. 1300 units
  • Medium Density Housing: approx. 3430 units



  • Offices, Retail & Light Industrial: 2,300,000 square feet
  • Retreat Lodge
  • Golf Facility
  • Indoor Water Park



  • Magnet School
  • Branch University
  • 3 private elementary schools
  • Hospital
  • Public Administration Facilities





  • 5 community and neighborhood clubs
  • Open space and trails system throughout community
  • Ecological park and Ecological Education Center