“Sightings” features environmentally conscious architecture projects from around the world. If you have information about environmentally conscious architectural projects that you would like us to feature, please contact us.

cabin-01-croppedMountain Lodge: demonstrating our commitment to preserve and enhance our community’s precious natural and cultural resources for present and future generations, the Mountain Lodge project has been carefully conceived as the first sustainable development project. ML will be designed, developed, constructed, operated & maintained in a manner that contributes to community open space, conserves earth resources and promotes sustainable year-round community growth and prosperity. ML residents and visitors will be able to savor a better quality of life with a clean conscience, as responsible earth stewards.
SightingsEcoville, in Sao Paulo Brazil, is currently in its final master planning stage and will offer a self contained Ecological New Town with an unmatched quality of life; an excellent place to do business; and an exciting place to visit. Ecoville, as a result, will likely provide an environmentally conscious model for future development in the region. As its name implies, Ecoville will be designed, constructed and operated to be in harmony with it natural environment.
SightingsHalley Residence, The Sea Ranch, Californina. This 1.400 sq. ft. passive solar residence has been widely recognized for its energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, design excellence and simple palate of materials: wood, exposed aggregate concrete, metal & glass. A greenhouse link between the main house and the master bedroom provides a passive solar generator, dinning room expansion for special occasions, a self watering year round vegetable garden, and hallway circulation to a private master bedroom.
SightingsRammed Earth Works, of Napa California. Established in 1978, David Easton’s Rammed Earth Works has developed important new technologies for building with natural earth. From award winning homes and wineries in California to community projects in developing countries, David Easton and Rammed Earth Works have proven how functional, appropriate, and attractive earth structures can be.

Raw earth is commonly acknowledged as the world’s most widely used building material. Throughout recorded history artisans and village builders have used it to create durable housing. Today, earth building is in resurgence, but modern applications demand higher standards and greater care in construction than in the past. Stanford-educated inventor, author, teacher, and builder David Easton is the preeminent advocate for building with earth.