Comet Studios operates as a consortium of highly skilled independent professionals and resources, managed by a lean and highly-experienced professional core management group.  For every Client, we provide an efficient professional Project Team that is custom tailored to fully meet and exceed each of our Client’s unique needs, requirements and expectations.

With our unique company structure, we are able to provide dynamic solutions that stay in step with our rapidly changing times, delivered by the highest quality service available today. We also are able to do so very competitively because of our unusually low office overhead.


the studioOur Studio Culture:

At Comet Studios, we all share a commitment to sustainability and a common vision/mission to create vibrant prosperous Eco-Communities that fully honor the natural environment while providing healthy sustainable lifestyles filled with Well-Being – for present and future generations.

As part of this quest, we are passionate about including energy conservation measures and Renewable Energy Solutions » like solar, wind, geothermal & biomass. 

We are also passionate about sculpting extraordinary Architecture as an art form. Working with palettes of localized materials, regional architectural metaphors and existing community resources; we plan, create and help develop exciting sustainable projects and communities with beautifully crafted buildings that fully honor the natural environment, local sustainable-community objectives and our Client’s resources.



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