Comet Studios’ dynamic consortium of professionals specializes in providing a full spectrum of comprehensive Planning and Design Services to Residential Clients, Commercial Clients, Real Estate Developers, Municipalities and Builders. We also offer subcontract support to Architects, Engineers and Clients who want to add our expertise to their existing project teams.

We appreciate this opportunity to introduce our services. Following outline lists the primary comprehensive Planning and Design services along with related Client involvement opportunities we can offer to you & your Project:



Comet Studios specializes in providing environmentally conscious planning, design & development services for a wide variety of sustainable project types – from small Cabins to large Custom Homes, Estates, Mixed-Use Commercial Projects, Land Development Projects, Real Estate Developments and Eco-Communities.

  • Market Research, Project Programming & Feasibility Studies
  • Land Analysis, Topographical Studies, Land Acquisition Support, Site Planning & Land Development
  • Sustainable Eco-Community Planning that fully integrates philosophies of New Urbanism, Transition Towns, Urban Agriculture, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Permaculture, Sustainability, Biodiversity, Ecological Stewardship, exciting Eco-Lifestyle Planning and Sustainable Economics.
  • State-of-the-art Computer Generated Building Information Modeling (BIM) – providing a new paradigm solution for complex project creation, production, management and related multidisciplinary team collaboration.
  • Architecture Programming, Preliminary Design, Design Development, Construction Document Production & Construction Management.
  • Computer Generated 3-dimensional CAD Project Modeling, Renderings, Digital Art, Animation & Multi-Media Presentations.
  • Building Performance Modeling, Project Site Climate Studies, Solar Access Studies, Passive & Active Solar Design and Renewable Energy Solutions.
  • Innovative & cost effective Energy-Efficient “Green” Building Solutions for New Construction & Remodel Projects.
  • Development Project Marketing and Sales Programs
  • Creation and Fabrication of Custom Architectural Features, Furniture & “Domestic Objects”
  • Web Design, Development & Marketing



Economical, efficient and personalized development of all phases of site planning, architectural design and construction documentation is easily shared and achieved over the Internet. Internet communication (via Zoom meetings, Facetime etc) offers an unique opportunity to share ideas, designs and images instantly with our Clients. As a result the design process is much faster and more responsive to Client needs and directives. For all of our projects, we provide each of our Clients with a password protected private web site (see our client project website ») where we provide and share project information and communications with our Clients and consultants. Comet Studios can also offer conventional meetings and communications via telephone and postal service for non-computerized Clients.



After our clients provide us with their Project Program of dreams, desires, budget and project information (via the completed Comet Studios Workbook), our team of professionals quickly prepares and provides creative conceptual design proposals and alternatives for Client review and comment. Even at this early stage, using state of the art computers and CAD software, we create three dimensional project models of buildings and site that are stored as a comprehensive project file in a dedicated database for the duration of the project. This project file forms the foundation for a design process that easily incorporates changes and grows with the project. From the project file, coordinated “still images” like plans, elevations, sections & renderings can be extracted quickly as separate files to be viewed electronically at the Client’s project web site or shared as a printed document. Navigable QuickTime VR movies can also be easily created to help Clients visualize their project. Designing a project this way offers our Clients more interactive involvement in the design process while at the same time allowing us to concentrate most of our time on the creation of the project rather than on just drawings of the project.



After our Clients have reviewed the proposed conceptual design and design options, we meet with them to hear and discuss their feedback and suggestions. Design development offers a dynamic ongoing opportunity for this kind of review and Client feedback that  produces is a healthy project responsive to client needs and desires.

For our computerized clients we offer an environmentally friendly “Intranet” telecommunication feedback opportunity as well as meetings at our office or onsite. Project documents and files are easily transferred over the Internet as E-mail attachments or through an FTP application, offering our Clients a convenient opportunity to review the project. After project review, with a “paint” program, clients can add “redline” suggestions directly to the documents before returning them to Comet Studios as revised files. After Comet Studios receives the revised files, design objectives and client review are clarified during teleconference meetings to determine and verify what revisions should be incorporated into the project.



With the ArchiCAD software our firm uses, all project information is stored in a single integrated file. Project documents such as plans, details, bills of materials and renderings stay coordinated and up to date throughout the process of creating design documents and working drawings. This allows for last minute fully-integrated changes and saves our clients time and money while at the same time assuring better quality control and project coordination. Even changes required during construction can be created quickly and coordinated with unparalleled accuracy.


Let us offer our Experience, Enthusiasm, & Creativity to you and your Project!

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