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WetlandParkView-Revrr4rThe Kachina Mountain Lodge project is now fully approved and entitled for development. This is the only available project of its kind in Taos Ski Valley. And five premiere home sites are now available for sale and construction. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

camino-barranca_renderThis residence features a new single story home integrated into a habitat enhancing Permaculture garden, passively irrigated with bio-remediation swales fed by roof and site catchment systems. This new home is configured with a “great room” living/dining/kitchen area, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, office, pantry and garage. This project has been designed as a contemporary Santa Fe style home.


living-room-2Environmentally conscious Santa Fe style Project includes a new Single Family Home with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, “Great Room” living/dining/kitchen, study, exercise area and 2.5 car garage. Permaculture garden design with Permaculture garden, passively irrigated with bio-remediation swales fed by roof and site catchment systems.


Avenida-Frijoles-siteplanEnvironmentally conscious Santa Fe style 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and office. Permaculture garden design with passively irrigated with bio-remediation swales fed by roof and site catchment systems.


gaiaquest_websiteJust launched as part of a real estate development component:

What We Do

GaiaQuest offers a fast growing international team of professionals on a mission to help manifest sustainable Global Health, Well-Being and related Wise Action within ourselves, others, organizations, corporations, communities and the natural environment – everywhere on earth.

To do so, we believe Humanity needs to change where and how we live by replacing unsustainable environmentally damaging communities, lifestyles and “Brown” Economics with exciting sustainable Eco-Communities, Eco-Lifestyles and “Green” Economics that value and maintain the vital resources, ecosystems and biodiversity that all life on earth depends on.

As agents of such change, GaiaQuest provides:

      • Global Health & Well-Being Programs & Resources,
      • Sustainable Holistic Lifestyle Education & Experiences
      • Exciting Demonstration Eco-Communities and
      • Eco-Community Planning and Lifestyle Programs, Services and Resources as outreach support to people, organizations, corporations and communities who want to join the movement.

For this purpose we have created the international non-profit GaiaQuest Center for Global Health and Well-Being».


2012 – 2011:

Mountain Lodge & Cabins

In development: Mountain Lodge & Cabins

The Mountain Lodge (ML) project has been thoughtfully master planned with three phases, including first phase development of four Euro-alpine Wilderness Cabins followed by future phase development of a four-unit residential Wilderness Lodge and a unique in-ground sod covered commercial building that feels like part of ML’s landscape garden.



c_residence_living_view_mdTaos Ski Valley Residence, Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Designed as a winter ski residence, the home is situated at the top of Taos Ski Valley in the wilderness village of Kachina.

The design offers a unique passive solar design along with environmentally conscious building technology & construction appropriate for the wilderness location. Expansive glass for passive solar gain provides breathtaking expansive mountain views.


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2008 – 2009:

Changes are Coming to Aldea

  • Aldea LiveWork lofts surrounding the plaza have been sold to a developer.
  • The hotel site has also been sold to a developer
  • The spa & conference center lots have been sold to another developer






Autumn, 2007:

First Annual Autumn Celebration of Earth Stewardship & Community

The Aldea de Santa Fe Village Center Association is holding their First Annual Autumn Festival on Aldea Plaza, in celebration of Earth Stewardship and Community on Sunday October 21, 2007 from 12 noon-7pm. Located on the Aldea Plaza, this event will feature live music by the band RADIO, folk dancing by the Santa Fe Folk Dancers, food provided at Café Aldea, beer garden by Santa Fe Brewing Company, and more.
This event is sponsored by Aldea de Santa Fe Village Center Association with the support of Aldea Homeowners Association, Stepbridge Studios, Santa Fe Realty Partners, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Comet Studios and others.

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Information on Earth Stewardship:


10+ things that each one of us can do to make the pledge to help reduce global warming is available to read & download » Earth Stewardship.



Summer, 2007:

Aldea Plaza: Looking for the right Café entity to open in our plaza level space. 

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Winter, 2006:

Winter 2006 celebrates our first Holiday Season in our new building.









Summer, 2006:

Comet Studios moves into their new location on Aldea Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico.





Construction, 2005:

Under construction….










Autumn, 2004:

Comet Studios announces the unveiling of the artist Sonya Hadeen Halley’s rendering for the Aldea Live Work Lofts 7478 billboard, along with the launching of the project web site. 

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Summer, 2004:

Comet Studios announces the opening of their new studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nestled in the northside district, the studio will be a transitional space while their new building in Aldea de Santa Fe is under construction.Views from Comet Studios balcony, Santa Fe, New Mexico.







Spring 2004:

Construction begins on the Live/Work 7476, future site of Comet Studios Santa Fe location. Framing the west side of Aldea’s plaza, these Live/Work Lofts will offer top floor residential spaces above plaza and alley level commercial space storefronts all with a premiere commercial location.Enhanced with high speed internet access, business opportunities in this Live/Work building are very flexible and could include a restaurant, café, market, gallery, store, software company, web-based service, retail shop, office space, artist studio space, and more.




Winter 2003:

Recently published, “The Sea Ranch”, by Architect Donlyn Lyndon and Photographer Jim Alinder, features the Halley House

“One of several houses that follow a low rise in the land, the Halley House is recessed into the hill to take advantage of the earth’s thermal mass. Its roofs rise up in great slopes from close to the ground to a high crystaline solraium at the center. The roughly pyramidal shapes connect gently to the land; earth berms continue the transition. The polygonal wedges of the house are similar in spirit to those of the adjoining house to the south, creating a semblance of accord along the slope.” -Excerpt from Donlyn Lyndon’s and Jim Alinder’s book, “The Sea Ranch”.

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