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Background on New Urbanism as it Relates to Aldea –

01_aldeavillage_collageAldea is a New Urbanist Village, with a central civic plaza surrounded by traditional neighborhoods of townhouses, patio homes, & single-family homes. Our community’s vibrant mixed-use Commercial Village Center of commercial properties and live/work lofts surrounded by walkable neighborhoods distinguishes our unique New Urbanist community from most neighborhood development styles that are limited to residential use only. At build out, Aldea de Santa Fe will include 476 dwellings units, up to 185,000 square feet of retail/commercial space, and additional institutional uses on the 2 tracts located at our Avenida Aldea entrance.

Planned by internationally acclaimed New Urbanist Architect Andres Duany (, Aldea de Santa Fe has been intentionally created to recapture the vibrancy and urbanist traditions of old Santa Fe. Drawing on the rich architectural heritage of Old Santa Fe, Aldea Plaza’s timeless architectural theme and Community Center building were creatively composed by New Urbanist Architect, Stefanos Polyzoides. Based on these themes, Comet Studios provided designs for the remaining buildings around the Aldea Plaza ( and Lorn Tryk Architects designed the DreamCatcher Lofts building.

elevations04a_JHwebOur unique community is graced by, regional pueblo & territorial style architecture, pedestrian friendly streets and expansive public open spaces. When fully developed, the Commercial Village Center will greatly increase the vitality of our community. Aldea Plaza will then likely become a popular west side destination of unique specialty shops, inviting cafes, intimate galleries, small businesses and conveniences enhanced by local home based businesses.


What Exists Today

Our plaza is already on its way to becoming a vibrant commercial village center. Three buildings are already built and occupied with only a few opportunities remaining for additional business tenant occupancy in existing spaces:

  • The Community Center, owned and occupied by our Home Owners Association offers frequent events for homeowners and space for event rental.
  • The DreamCatcher Live/Work Loft building, located just off the northeast corner of the plaza is fully occupied with businesses and residents.
  • The Live/Work 7478 Lofts building frames the west side of our plaza. Live/Work Lofts 21,19, & 17 on Plaza Nueva were designed specifically for use as the main Aldea restaurant with additional space available for a small convenience market. Space is currently available for tenants interested in either of these businesses. Visit for sale or lease or properties.

Most of the built commercial space is fully occupied with the following  businesses:

  • Café Aldea
  • Comet Studios Environmentally Conscious Planning, Design & Development
  • Comet Studios Web Design & Development
  • Daystar of Aldea
  • Life Vessel Santa Fe
  • Santa Fe Realty Partners’
  • Shoemaker Law Firm
  • David Robin Photography
  • Wild Sage Vacation Rentals

In an effort to promote the build out of Aldea’s remaining undeveloped commercial properties, the original developer (Aldea LLC) sold most of the remaining undeveloped commercial property in 2008 to 2 buyers who demonstrated their strong interest to develop and build out the rest of Aldea’s commercial core. A Swedish investor bought the hotel site & remaining Live/Works on the east & south side of the plaza. A developer from San Jose bought the arroyo spa/conference/fractional site behind the Community center. Their plans and schedule for development are not yet known.

Business Opportunities Immediately Available

front_00_medCommercial space is immediately available for our community’s most requested businesses, a grocery market and a full dining restaurant. These wonderful opportunities are immediately available for a tenant who would like to create an upscale restaurant-café and/or market that also offers related catering & retail with expansion possibilities. This is a unique prospect for the right tenant who is looking for a stable long-term business opportunity at Aldea Plaza. One live/work loft is also available for sale for this purpose. (

LiveWork Loft #17 is offered for sale. Priced below replacement cost and get the land for free! $515,000. MLS #201200388


Development Opportunities

Other development opportunities are available within our Commercial Center for anyone requiring space not yet built. The long-term success of our community’s Commercial Center will depend greatly on our community’s involvement.  If you or anyone you know has ideas or interest in our community’s Commercial Village Center, please contact Comet Studios at 505.231.1454. Visit the web site to learn about other development opportunities:


Suburban Nation”, written by Duany and Plater-Zyberk with Jeff Speck

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