The Sea Ranch, California

The McKenzie compound is designed for and in collaboration with Dianne McKenzie and Donlyn Lyndon. The house is made up of two separate structures: a 1,250 sq.ft. house and a 1,460 sq.ft. studio, built with an exposed heavy wood frame Douglas fir plank walls and roof, (post and beam construction), with a artful mix of concrete, slate, and metal surfaces.

An industrial aesthetic-playing off against the rustic simplicity of walls and ceiling, governed the selection of key interior materials and finishes, from hand-cast concrete countertops on industrial supports and stainless steel fixtures, to the patterned vinyl flooring, slate tile, and painted concrete floors. The towel bars and accessories are fashioned of copper plumbing tubes, while the lights and conduit are exposed with industrial fixtures.

This project has been widely published internationally and has won many awards for its design excellence and playful use of materials.