The Sea Ranch California

This 1.400 sq. ft. passive solar residence has been widely recognized for its energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, design excellence and simple palate of materials: wood, exposed aggregate concrete, metal & glass. A greenhouse link between the main house and the master bedroom provides a passive solar generator, dinning room expansion for special occasions, a self watering year round vegetable garden, and hallway circulation to a private master bedroom.

“The Halley House can be read as a modification of the site, transforming it into a mechanism for capturing climate forces and translating them into a comfortable environment for dwelling. Its roof planes, some of them covered in sod, rise up from the land in an angular array to hold great sheets of glass, oriented as much to pull in the sun as to provide exposures to the views. One of several houses that follow a low rise in the land, the Halley House is recessed into the hill to take advantage of the earth’s thermal mass.” -Excerpts from Donlyn Lyndon’s and Jim Alinder’s book.