GaiaQuest Center for Global Health & Well-Being

Comet Studios is proud to announce our involvement with the GaiaQuest Center for Global Health and Well-Being, a new and exciting international non-profit company specializing in sustainable community planning, environmentally conscious community development and eco-lifestyles that promote Global Health and Well-Being!

GaiaQuest Introduction

GaiaQuest will offer community resources, demonstration centers, eco-lifestyles and programs that provide a unique integrative experience and vision of Global Heath and Well-Being based on localized application of holistic systems thinking supported by global collaboration. GaiaQuest Programs will be integrated with one another and created from a very unique comprehensive matrix of disciplines and modalities.

gaiaquest_websiteGaiaQuest’s Belief

The Founders of GaiaQuest believe people can be inspired to manifest, enjoy and prefer wholesome sustainable Eco-Communities, healthy environments and vital ecosystem maintenance that collectively promote and provide Global Health and exciting sustainable Eco-Lifestyles filled with Well-Being – for present and future generations. Strong and enduring Eco-Communities should also honor local culture and traditions with solutions that are sustainably built with localized resources as much as possible.

GaiaQuest Founders also believe that by encouraging and inspiring a quest for Global Health and Well-Being beyond our borders internationally, humanity can learn from each other and collectively achieve sustainable Global Life in Balance known as “Gaia”.

GaiaQuest’s Vision – Why GaiaQuest has been created:

“To inspire a quest for Global Health and Well-Being in people, organizations, corporations, developments, communities, and the natural environment” so that “healthy sustainable ecosystems, environments, communities and lifestyles can be manifested and enjoyed by present and future generations.”


GaiaQuest’s Mission – GaiaQuest’s vision will be achieved by pursuing our mission:

“To provide Global Health and Well-Being Centers, Programs, Products, Services and Resources along with Demonstration Eco-Communities that offer exciting Healthy Lifestyles filled with sustainable Well-Being.”


What GaiaQuest Does

GaiaQuest has been conceived as an international Global Health and Well-Being resource company that promotes and manifests a unique full spectrum of comprehensive health and well-being modalities applied on personal, corporate, community, regional, national and international levels.

GaiaQuest’s headquarters will be developed as two university-style campus facilities located within two sustainable eco-community demonstration projects, in Northern New Mexico.

      • GaiaQuest’s Primary Campus will be located within a pristine alpine wilderness eco-resort community at Taos Ski Valley. 
      • GaiaQuest’s second campus facility, the Santa Fe Annex Campus, will be conveniently located in Aldea de Santa Fe on New Mexico’s primary fiber-optic backbone – providing the home base for GaiaQuest’s  “virtual” International Online Center and related “web-hosted live” events.

For now, GaiaQuest’s headquarters are located at the Santa Fe Annex Campus location.

For a more detailed introduction to what GaiaQuest has to offer, please visit GaiaQuest’s website to learn more »

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