Client Comments

Quotes from Letters to Comet Studios

“Comet Studio has provided exemplary architectural solutions that have helped me plan a major renovation and build out of my San Francisco home. John Halley has proven himself to be thoughtful, resourceful, very creative and cost effective…”
– SF

“…John has shown a capacity to act outside of the traditional job description of ‘Architect and Planner’. He has taken the initiative to act when and where it was needed. Helping with such details as permit acquisitions, contractor management and most importantly in my book, quality control.
In San Francisco, now one of the most expensive residential markets in the country, (less than 2% housing availability), getting a good contractor and skilled labor is literally impossible. I believe it’s because of Johns direct involvement, and his tireless commitment to excellence that I am getting the quality of work I want…”
– Chuck Albert

“…John has the ability to design buildings that directly reflects a clients’ needs, budget and desires, but also utilizes the spaces in a more efficient manner. His suggestions for materials, fixtures, and design solutions are unique, appropriate and affordable. John has offered his clients economical, efficient and personalized attention to all phases of site planning, architecture, design and construction documentation…” – Kim Pentecost

“John’s ability to produce feasibility studies, design strategies, and land planning has saved us an enormous amount of time and money. He is highly skilled in client contact, cost control, scheduling, concept and architectural design with detail follow-through.

John has the experience, the creative talent, along with the passion for excellence. I would recommend John Halley and his company’s services to anyone who wanted a quality architecture project with thoughtful, provocative and innovative design solutions…”

– DH

” During several decades of practice and teaching, I have seldom come across designers as committed, inquiring, and skillful as John Halley. He reaches, fearlessly and constantly, for ways of working and thinking that will establish new relations to the environment, and to the tools we have for thinking about design. He has the confidence of someone who thoroughly knows his craft, yet seeks always to extend its scope. To this search he brings an extraordinary talent for shaping form and making others understand his intentions.

His buildings are inventive, thoroughly imagined and built with conviction and integrity. His explorations are bold, and he has a keen eye for the potential in each situation. These talents and sensibilities give credence and strength to the passion which he brings to proposing ways to live, work and design in a way that is responsible to, and informed by the larger environment in which we live….”

– Donlyn Lyndon, FAIA, Professor of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley.