A Few Reasons Why Buying a Live/Work Loft is a Great Investment on Aldea Plaza

Aldea LiveWork Lofts

exterior_plaza_01Live/work properties can be a great investment for small business owners or people who need extra space for hobbies, fitness equipment and/or entertainment areas. Purchasing a live/work unit has many advantages:

1. Separate Home & Business without the commute!
Live/work units allow you to keep your business and personal living spaces separate. Customers or clients enter into the work space and are separated from the living space by a door or stairway.

Live/Work Unit 17 has 3 levels & 4 entrances. Living level is on the 3rd floor (a world away & above the business levels) with 360 degree views, while the business levels are located on the plaza & alley levels.

2. Space for Employees
Live/work units often contain space and amenities for employees, something most home based offices do not offer. Even if clients never visit your office, a live/work property can provide a professional place for your employees to work, while at the same time keeping your living space private. Live/Work Unit 17 also has the ability of adding a separate living/guest/employee rental.

3. Communication with other Professionals
Live/work properties are usually located in a community consisting of other professionals. Live/work spaces make it convenient to network with other business owners and professionals. Aldea is a mixed use community of residential & commercial neighborhoods with very successful businesses already located around the plaza & in the community.

4. Live/Work Units are Cost Effective
Office space is often more expensive to rent, especially if one considers the cost of home rent or mortgage. A live/work property offers two spaces for the overhead of one. You can save on tax write-offs, utility costs, gasoline and commute time! Live/Work Unit 17 is priced below replacement cost making the savings even greater!

5. Extra Income
Live/work properties are great investments. The separate exits and entrances make it possible to sublet the work spaces, the living space or all together. Live/Work Unit 17 has the ability to rent out the 3 separate levels & multiple floor plan configurations for various tenant uses.

6. Ground Floor Opportunity
Aldea’s unique commercial Plaza is located on the prestigious northwest side of Santa Fe, with a business center surrounded by a built-in clientele of upscale demographic neighborhoods that are currently without goods & services. LiveWork Units 17 & 19 have the capabilities of providing a quality restaurant &/or grocery market, the most desired businesses requested by Aldea residents & surrounding communities.

Call for more information: 505.603.9300

Priced below replacement cost and get the land for free! $425,000. MLS #201300933

Visit the web site for more information: www.AldeaLofts.com

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